Wednesday 21 December 2016

Alien Squad Leader now a digital download at a festive special price!

Our last news of the year from is the announcement of the long awaited Alien Squad Leader 2.0 book by Alex Self as a paid for digital download! We have very little printed stock remaining of the book (and it is now discounted) and the new PDF download is also at a festive special price of just 7.50GBP for the eighty page 15mm science fiction rules. By customers request the download is in 'ease print' format with plain white backdrops to the pages. If you fancy a digital copy of your ASQL or you are new to these rules treat yourself to something to read this Christmas. Go HERE or read on for more. 

There is the book for Alien Squad Leader as well as several 100 Point Army packs for Human Colonials, Alien Greys and Mechanoids to get you playing straight out of the box. You can use any 15mm miniatures you wish though we do recommend our own HOF Range and the Laserburn range too with many choices. 

There are articles on our blog all about Alien Squad Leader for you to find out more on the game. Follow the links here. 

What is Alien Squad Leader? The Book and Resource Links and Reviews 

Why Play Alien Squad Leader? Written by Alex Self this article explains what the game is all about. 

Two of the most popular codes in the HOF Range of 15mm science fiction owe their origins to Alien Squad Leader and these are the HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret and the HOF28 Charger APC. As a festive gift to all the wargamers out there we have put an offer on these until the new year. Go HERE for the website. Enjoy! 

Lastly we have the entire USEME Range of a dozen titles as paid for digital downloads at just 3.00GBP each. These are super little reads and great for a quick game or idea for scenarios. Go HERE

 Merry Christmas from all of us at 


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