Thursday 1 October 2015

Octopod Racer and Platoon released and offer!

After the fun of the Security Force Alpha (SFA) release of Skimmer packs and offers last month its the turn of another of Elton Water's creations to take the lime (get it!) light once more.  The Octopods are back!  Octopods are the size and build of Humans with two arms and two legs however they have a cluster of long tentacles which takes the place of their lower faces. Favouring explosive cartridge rifles along with force poles the Octopods make great use of Psykers and also Medics among their ranks and the Seer Guard are an elite formation. Brutal force and lack of tactics sum up the Octopods, the opposite of their natural enemies the Zidhe.  We have a new platoon pack which offers a saving just like the one for the Corporate Ashigaru and also a new small vehicle too the Octopod Racer!

HOFP02 Octopod Platoon
A special pack containing one of every pose we have of the Octopods including small vehicles. A sampler if you will or the ultimate skirmishing character pack. A total of sixteen infantry miniatures, a jet bike and a racer taken from codes HOF53,HOF59,HOF60,HOF61, HOF89, HOF88 and HOF110. Leaders, Personalities, Troopers, Support Weapons, Guard, Assault Troopers, Jetbike with Stand, Racer (resin). Save 10% off single purchase.  A great way to get into this force.  Choose from a pack saving 10% or a  three packs option (saving a further 10%  on the price). All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.  Price 9.36GBP (Saving 10% off 10.40GBP single prices).  Go HERE

HOF110 Octopod Racer
This new code contains two identical resin small vehicles both in one piece.  The Octopods are brutal and resilient soldiers who favour force over tactics and speed over safely.  The Racer is a step up from their jetbike featuring a pilots pod as well as a single exhaust engine which propels the racer at massive velocity.  Fuel tanks and storage are under the hull and two lasers are forward fixed mounted.  A great scout and recon vehicle.  

Choose from a pack or three packs (saving 10% automatically on the price) or select parts of the pack (a single).  Components of the pack are described in the drop down menu.  Supplied unpainted and without bases.  Some assembly may be required. Go HERE.

We have also taken 20% off the core HOF53 Octopod Infantry pack which you can find for this month only on the DEALS AND OFFERS page meaning you can expand or start your forces for 15mm science fiction domination of the galaxy with a saving.  

The Octopods were created by Elton Waters and sculpted by him along with another designer Rob Alderman.

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  1. Thanks Jay. The racer would suit your style of adventure I think.