Friday 9 October 2015

15mm Da Vinci Tank and Da Vinci himself released at!

“It is the winter of 1502 at the court of the notorious Cesare Borgia and while the snows fall outside the great table is surrounded by some of the most brilliant and ruthless men of that age. Among them is Borgia himself, patron and wealth bringing to his table two men among the many who will live on in history. The first is Niccolo Machiavelli who will use Borgia as the basis for his text The Prince. The other is an aged Leonardo Da Vinci whose mind is a wonder filled with designs that will influence a world to come. Employed as a military architect Da Vinci has plans for weapons and machines of war that he has no desire to give to Cesare Borgia. While it is not known if Machiavelli whispered a warning in the old man's ear it is wonderful to dream of what might have been said on those dark winter nights.” - Gavin Syme (GBS) is proud to present two new packs added to the HOT 15mm Fantasy range designed by Sam Croes. While not strictly fantasy these packs straddle the divide between the real world of the Renaissance and the invented world of fantasy. They can be used for both and 'Da Vinci World' is an accepted army list for several wargame systems. We have a true scale 15mm version of Da Vinci's tank, his turtle car, a wooden behemoth and would spread cannon carnage on a battlefield. We also have the great man himself Leonardo Da Vinci on foot and on horseback so you can add him as a character to your games. Fans of Renaissance Warfare, fans of 15mm Fantasy warfare read on! 

HOT101 Da Vinci Tank 
This resin and white metal 15mm scale vehicle kit depicts the famous Tank or 'Turtle Car' of Leonardo Da Vinci. Composed of two resin hull pieces easily assembled and two sprues of white metal cannon barrels you can add this vehicle to your collection. 

Shown with Da Vinci for scale (not supplied 15mm tall) the vehicle is approx 50mm wide and 25mm tall assembled. You can purchase it as a pack or as three packs using the drop down menu on the page saving 10% on screen. Price 5.00GBP. Go HERE 

HOT102 Leonardo Da Vinci 
This small pack contains three 15mm scale white metal miniatures. The famous inventor, thinker, artist of the Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci on foot in robes holding a scroll of parchment and a scale model of his Tank (see HOT101) and a horse with a mounted version of the same miniature showing Da Vinci riding. You can purchase it as a pack or as three packs using the drop down menu on the page saving 10% on screen. Price 1.50GBP. Go HERE

We will be expanding this part of the HOT Range as we go and though it is in the fantasy range it also features in the excellent Altuos range which you can find it HERE. There are a hundred different figures in our 15mm Renaissance range good for all systems. 

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