Thursday 11 December 2014

Cold Thing a free Scenario for USEME

Hello USEME fans!

Following up on the re-release of the Terminus micro scenarios for USEME and also the bringing back of the festive range Evil Snowmen and the new Killer Xmas Trees we present the first of two winter themed scenarios.

Cold Thing - A scenario for two players or solo play.  Can a group of Malamut Mercenaries make it across the snow plain to the Hegemony Station before snow made men claw them to the ground and make the them....

CLICK HERE to download the scenario from our dropbox account for free as a PDF to your computer or device.  Its easy and great fun and will only need a handful of miniatures some dice and about half an hour of your time.  Excellent!

You can find the festive range on our Deals and Offers page until early January 2015.  You can find the whole USEME System on its own page.  We used UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction for this scenario.

Merry Christmas!



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    1. Indeed. I love your gamer handle too. Fits USEME very well. Another scenario next week called Branch Face.