Thursday 25 August 2016

Lady Snowblood a HOTT Army Sengoku conversion by Terry Webb

I was recently sent some pictures and an account of a new 15mm scale Japanese fantasy themed HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Army by a customer of Mr Terry Webb.  He had converted one of our miniatures to make a paladin for his army.  I asked if it was ok to show you what he had done to create this new 'Lady Snowblood' and kindly he agreed.  Enjoy this article and if you wish to see the big selection of miniatures in the Sengoku Japanese Fantasy range please click on the link. Over to you Terry! GBS

HOTT Ninja  Army and Lady Snowblood

1 x Warband General @ 2 AP                    2 pts
1x Hero – Ninja @ 4 AP                    4 pts
6 x Warband – Ninja with assorted weapons @ 2 AP       12 pts
2 x Shooters – Ninja with bows @ 2 AP     4 pts
1 x Beast – “Tora” (tiger) @ AP             2 pts
Total                             24 pts

Alternate: 1 x Paladin @ 4 AP – Lady Snowblood, 1 x Dragoon @ 4 AP “Ryu”, 1 x Sneaker – Ninja in disguise as a monk and a peasant, 2 x Lurker @ 1 AP Ninja with blowgun and throwing bomb.

Stronghold - Ninja horses secreted away with horse holder Ninja while the other Ninja are on a raid. 

I usually make extra elements so I can switch the army up at times to make it both more flexible and it let’s me feel it is a slightly different army.

Here are the steps I did in making Lady Snowblood from the SGF19 figure.

1. Remove the fan from her right hand and drill a hole to take the handle of the parasol.
2. Reshape her hair so it is just close cropped to her head, and add a bun in the back.
3. Add a red comb and a red “Thunder Sand Bomb” to her hair where the bun is.
4. Use the remaining long portion of her hair to reshape into the bow of her obi (sash).
5. Add the obi around her waist to her front. [I did this by filing the shape there]
6. Add the cord to tie her obi in place. [I did this using narrow layers of thick acrylic paint]
7. Drill a hole in her lower left sleeve to take the katana, and add just the blade portion.
8. Remove the flare from the outer sides of her trousers.
9. Fill the inner area of her trousers to create the closed kimono. [I used liquid “Green Stuff”]
10. Take a straw “coolie” hat from a 28 MM figure to create the parasol.
11. Drill a hole in the bottom of the parasol and add the handle. Then it can be added to her right hand before or after painting as per your painting style. I used brass wire for the handle. 

A note regarding the parasol handle – I depicted her with her katana drawn so the parasol handle is a dark color overall. However, if you elect to not have her with her katana drawn, then the bottom end of the parasol handle would be white as that is the handle of her katana which she carried it in the handle of her parasol.

All that’s left is to paint her in the kimono of your choice and base her.  And she wore quite a variety, including striped ones to ones with butterflies, to one with circles and my favorite the pale green on white flame pattern. I selected the a snow base as depicted in the final scene of the first movie. It shows her out in a garden covered with snow and I tired to achieve that while at the same time not creating an element that looked like it was a moving house. Also, a snow covered base seemed only right due to her name.


  1. A clever conversion! If you don't want to sacrifice a 28mm figure for the parasol, just make a push mold of the conical hat with greenstuff or Instant Mold.

    1. Isn't it just. Nice idea on the conical hat too.


  2. Good job!

    I think modifying one of the school girls would have been an easier task. And that's what I originally thought he used for the conversion.

    1. It is. There would be a number of ways of making the Lady and certainly one of the School Girls in the Sengoku range would have also done the job.