Tuesday 18 August 2015

Classic Tabletop Large Goblins re-released at 15mm.co.uk

Dating from the early 1980's the classic Tabletop 15mm Large Goblins have been much requested from a re-release with us.  Out now!  Following up on the MDA20 Mountain Orc Pikes and the MDA22 Darkling Mercenaries among many others we are proud to bring more of this great range back to the wargaming world.  You can see all of the Tabletop range HERE.

F55P Large Goblin Band (10)
This pack contains ten white metal one piece 15mm scale miniatures in a mix of poses that include standard bearer, sword advancing, sword and shield, axe, spear, sword and torch.  Great for use in any wargame system each Large Goblin stands approx 16mm tall.  We offer several options for purchase including the choice of  a pack or three packs with a saving of 10%, single castings and a great Bumper Pack contains twenty miniatures and saving fifteen percent.  All of these options are accessed by clicking on the drop down on the page.  Go HERE.

Here is the full list of the original codes all of which are present in this re-release.

F55 Large Goblin Standard Bearer  (1)
F56 Large Goblin Sword Advancing (1)
F57 Large Goblin Sword and Shield (1)
F58 Large Goblin Axe                 (1)
F59 Large Goblin Spear                 (1)
F59A Large Goblin Sword and Torch (1)
F55P Large Goblin Band        (10) (Pack)
F55BP Large Goblin Horde        (20) (Pack – Save 15%)

There are now more than a hundred different miniatures in the Tabletop classic range on our website. Stop by and have a browse.

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