Monday 15 December 2014

Galactic Knights to be expanded in 2015!

“The Senate must be protected from the psychic assaults of the Utlragaranians or its crystal walls will crumble and the galaxy will be exposed to the mind tearing death of civilisation. A duty of rescue falls to the Galactic Knights who with their swords drawn and cloaks aflutter in the starry breeze do the bidding of the forces of well meaning. Riding among the flow of space these warriors of truth and virtue will lay waste to the planets of the evil ones. Glittering beams and shining blades against tentacles and teeth amid a landscape of lava and blackened skies.”

Back in the middle of November 2014 I put up a blog post announcing that was very near to the five hundred packs sold that would lead to the expansion of HOF105 Galactic Knights by another two or so pack codes in 2015.  If you missed this posting CLICK HERE to read it before continuing. Got it?  Good.  The response to the possible expansion was really nice with a lot of comments, emails and messages coming back to us with suggestions and other ideas based on the list of possible packs I had outlined from customers and gamers who had already been in touch.  The goal of five hundred packs was passed and so we move onto the expansion.

So what was the winning suggestion?  Well it turned out that the logic in the initial post was pretty much spot on with the most requested codes being a command pack with four poses and a support pack with four poses allowing the creation of a whole force or platoon of Galactic Knights.  Coming in behind those two was a light vehicle such as a bike and also the creation of characters to lead a force.  Running a long way behind were a dozen asks for a pack of 'Ultragaranians' the enemy of the Galactic Knights which is interesting as I have no idea who or what they are!

We have therefore committed to two more HOF pack codes for the Galactic Knights with a total of eight new poses from Command and Support.

A few of the suggestions were a little outlandish to be sure.  These included a comic book series, a video segment and a series of 54mm scale miniatures along with t-shirts and also some 'suggestive drawings' based on the female knight in the existing artwork.  None of these were ever going to happen to be honest but we might do a t-shirt in the future as a limited run.  You never know.

There will be news on this blog once the miniatures are made.  This will be in the first quarter of 2015.  2015...the far now.

Merry Christmas!


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