Monday 2 December 2013

Preview Prang 2014 SHM goodness by Eli Arndt

Over on the  'I see Lead People' blog Eli Ardnt has posted up painted previews of the Prang which will be coming to the SHM Range for early in 2014.  While I cannot say much about this for the moment (for fear of being executed!) I thought I would share this with you all.

The Brand New Prang ready for Master Molding
Eli sculpts for us in the SHM range and he runs the Loud Ninja Games brand too.  He sees the Prang as toady types but I am not so sure.  They are great looking little chaps and Sam Croes asked me if he could paint them to match up to the existing sole SHM34 Prang we have, see below.  I said sure and I expect to have the results in early January.

So until next year when more information is around....Prang out!



  1. You guys come up with aces yet again! well done and happy xmas.

    1. Thanks and the same to you. I hope your festive season went well.

      More will be seen of the Prang next year.