Monday 2 December 2013

EH01 Flower of Evil released at

EH01 The Flower of Evil....chaotic and super nice!
The Flower of Evil is a one piece white metal miniature which stands 34mm tall to the top of its fleshy petals. Scupted by Sam Croes based on the infamous artwork by Edward Jackson in UM013 USEME Eldritch Horror this code is the first in our 'EH' range.  Suitable for use in many scale from 6mm to 15mm and 28mm and as a chaotic plant as well as alien life its a versatile piece.  You could also use it as a part of your table scenics, a unique and disturbing objective in your wargames. In addition we offer an option of buy three and save ten percent on this code as EH01T.  Get it HERE.

Scale Shot with HOF SFA miniature (16mm tall)
As for the name...well I was asked in the office.  I am a big fan of the awesome guitar man Lesley West of 'Mountain' fame.  The miniature is named after one of their albums!

Add more plants to your wargame collection with codes from the HOF Range.

HOF79 Alien Fauna

HOF46 Kreegan Doom Spores

Requests from 15mm Historical Wargamers do not go unanswered as the entire Blemye Range is fifteen percent off with single figure purchase for maximum flexibility and choice.

The Blemye (Cavalry, Infantry, Command and Elephant)

SN01 Snowmen

Lastly remember that the 15mm fun SN01 Snowmen are around only until the start of January 2014.


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