Friday 8 April 2016

25% off all 15mm Byzantine Codes!

Its not fair to let the 15mm Renaissance period wargamers have all the fun so we have decided to offer you all 25% yes twenty five percent off all of the codes in the Isarus dark age and ancients range which are in the Byzantine Empire. Suitable for any wargame army in this period. Eighteen different codes covering Infantry, Cavalry and Command. Go HERE

Discount is on the screen you just add to your cart. Here are the codes in the offer: 

BY1 Byzantine Heavy Scutatos 
BY2 Byzantine Medium Scutatos 
BY3 Byzantine Archer 
BY4 Varangian Guard 
BY5 Slav with Spear 
BY6 Slav with Javelin 
BY7 Byzantine Staff Slinger 
BY8 Byzantine Javelinman 
BY9 Byzantine Light Archer 
BY10 Byzantine Infantry Command (Officer and Standard) 

BYC1 Byzantine EHC with Lance 
BYC2 Byzantine EHC with Bow 
BYC3 Byzantine HC with Lance 
BYC4 Byzantine HC with Bow 
BYC5 Byzantine SHC with Lance 
BYC6 Byzantine Trapezitoi 
BYC7 Asiatic Cavalry 
BYC8 Byzantine Cavalry Command (General, Officer, Standard) 

The discounts last until the end of the month of April 2016. 

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