Wednesday 16 March 2016

HOF 15mm Grey Alien Flying Saucer now in resin!

One of the most popular parts of the wide scoped and large HOF 15mm science fiction range (which has over one hundred different packs) are the Grey Aliens.  Sculpted by Mark Ricketts they have been a favourite with Alien Squad Leader Players using the Alien Greys list and wargamers over all over the world using lots of different rule systems.  This week we have replaced the original white metal 15mm scale HOF50 Grey Alien Flying Saucer with an identical re-mastered resin vehicle.  It is the same saucer and includes a separate dome which can be put on or left off to expose the detailed cockpit with pilot. It also comes with a flying base. Priced at 4.00GBP it has not increased in price and it is also part of the Value pack which offers a saving for a whole character driven invasion force. Go HERE.

Grey Aliens are an enigmatic race of small, bulbous-headed, and highly intelligent aliens, the Greys are primarily scientists rather than soldiers, but sometimes come into conflict with other races when competing for resources, or when seeking to establish possession of a particular site for temporary and mysterious purposes. Their unauthorised experimental activities on live subjects who have usually been abducted can also provoke a hostile military response from races who have been subjected to such intrusions.

Indeed, the Greys appear to regard the rest of the universe like thier own enormous laboratory. Greys are not physically suited to combat situations, and their scientists in particular have an aversion to shedding the blood of living creatures, and so tend to prefer non-violent ways of defeating thier enemies, or to turning thier enemy’s weapons against themselves. Naturally, the more warlike races despise this reluctance to cause casualties as a sign of weakness, but the Greys have been reluctantly forced to train combat teams and actual soldiers as their ability to evade detection appears to have declined in recent decades. A Grey stands at approximately four feet in height and has light grey skin with black almond eyes and favours uniform suits of a silver and blue colour.

We have five codes including a value pack with saving at the present moment for the Grey Alien part of the HOF Range.  Seek them by the code below or click HERE.  We also have images of each code.

HOF47 Grey Alien Command (10 miniatures)
HOF48 Grey Alien Science Team (10 miniatures)
HOF49 Grey Alien Soldiers (10 miniatures)

HOF50 Grey Alien Flying Saucer (1 Resin Kit)
HOF51 Grey Alien Landing Party (12 miniatures, 1 Saucer Kit) Value Pack

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