Friday 25 September 2015

Three Versions of The Controller

SHM22 The Controller is one of the most popular single figures in the SHM Range as part of its selection of 15mm science fiction miniatures.  Sculpted by Fjodin back in 2011 it has been featuring in collections ever since.  It depicts an alien overseer possessed of a mighty mind and a frail body. Overseeing the actions of his minion legions he is a foe not to be taken lightly. Perfect for the evil leader of an alien army.  You can see it HERE.

Two firm fans of 15mm science fiction sent their pictures of their own colour scheme for The Controller to us and this has allowed us to show our own and their take on just what can be done with this miniature.  I have seen other versions in yellow, in blue and in white so it is a figure that can be painted up in many different ways.   First our own studio painted version in pale and sickly pink. Then a version in green and silver (very fetching!) painted by Neal Key in the UK.  Lastly a deep pink and mottled version (very threatening!) painted by Ralph Plowman also in the UK.  Ralph has his own wargame blog which makes for fine reading HERE.

If you like to support the diversity that is growing in 15mm scale in science fiction then you should not overlook the SHM Range.  At we are all about fostering wargamers talents and interests and to that end back in 2009 Gavin Syme (GBS) created the SHM idea.  'Self Help Miniatures' are designed by aspiring sculpters who in return for giving their creations to get into the hobby and gain experience.  As a result a dozen designers (some of them working on their own right in the industry now) have submitted designs which made it to the SHM Range and this website.  If you are keen on seeing what it takes to get into this range then send us an email on Have a browse for unique miniatures that otherwise would likely not exist if it was not for SHM. 

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  1. I think Plowman's is my favourite. I like the depth of colour and the way he subtly defines the skull shape.

    1. I don't know. There is a lot to be said for sickly green too...


  2. I went for green as i had fond memories of the Mekon from classic Brit comic Dan Dare :)

    You can see Fjodin's painted example of his own model + some cool shots of the original green here:


    1. I like the green and the red...choices, choices.

      Fjodin has some style of his own for sure. Thanks for the link.


  3. Oh wow, Fjodin's is nasty. The flesh tone seems a bit creepy.

    1. I mean nasty in a good way, of course!
      Just read that comment back and it sounded worse than I intended.

    2. Its ok. I think we knew that. But social media being what it is thanks for clarifying.