Friday 22 May 2015

SHM76 Grav Van by Sergio Gonzalez released!

“That is a sweet ride dude! Who'dy steal it from?” 

Today welcomes Sergio Gonzalez to the collection of aspiring designers who have chosen to bring their wargaming miniatures to you as part of the SHM Range. A brand new vehicle which marks the first vehicle in the SHM range and also our first 3D printed designer as well. Exciting! 

The Grav Van is a highly detailed 15mm scale vehicle which Sergio sees as a cross between a people carrier and a hot rod racer. So it would be excellent for urban use and for rival street gangs to possess. Equally with different paint work it could be a hard working hauler in a densely populated future. 

SHM76 Grav Van 4.00GBP 
This code contains a one piece high quality grey tone resin vehicle in 15mm scale. A Grav Van in a retro futuristic style designed by Sergio Gonzalez. Its dimensions are 65mm long, 28mm wide (at widest point), 25mm tall (at its tallest point). Suitable for use in many settings from near future to space opera and wastelands too. Choose from one pack or three packs with a 10% saving on the drop down product menu. Go HERE

Scale Shot with a HOF Rim Mercenary (16mm tall)
SFA Troopers advance upon a stolen Grav Van
At we are all about fostering wargamers talents and interests and to that end back in 2009 Gavin Syme (GBS) created the SHM idea. 'Self Help Miniatures' are designed by aspiring sculpters who in return for giving their creations to get into the hobby and gain experience. As a result a dozen designers (some of them working on their own right in the industry now) have submitted designs which made it to the SHM Range and this website. If you are keen on seeing what it takes to get into this range then send us an email. We welcome your approach if you fancy designing figures and vehicles for 15mm scale. 

There are a great many different and wonderfully unique miniatures in the SHM range which are well worth checking out. Prang, Vergans, Cyborgs, Aliens, Mercenaries, Humans, Creatures, Uhuls, Wildthingians, Horrors and more. Over seventy different sculpts and designs. Go HERE

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  1. Thats pretty nifty looking. Cracking paintjob as well :)

    1. Thanks Simon. Yes its a simple design which is refreshing these days and it means it takes paint in any number of funky designs. We had this one painted the way Sergio saw it in his mind but red with flames would be cool too.