Wednesday 15 October 2014

Vergan Aliens half price at!

We have a great offer for the next week or so on our website.  The offer is half price (50% off 0.28GBP from 0.55GBP) every one of the Vergan codes in the 15mm SHM Science Fiction range.  Designed by Eli Arndt the Vergans are space opera bug eyed monster fun.  

Many tentacled aliens suitable for any 15mm scale wargame rules system.  Cast in white metal each Vergan is one piece and is approx 20mm tall. Go HERE for our Deals and Offers page.  Here are the codes:

SHM20 Vergan
SHM54 Vergan Soldier
SHM55 Vergan Soldier
SHM56 Vergan Musician
SHM57 Vergan Sergeant

There is no official story for the Vergans unlike the one developing for the Prang.  If you have ideas then do let me know.  Heck we might even more some more in the future.

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