Friday 12 September 2014

Corporate Ashigaru are Coming!

Later this month will be releasing several new packs of miniatures into the HOF Range of 15mm scale science fiction. Following up on our first stage of the the warriors of the apocalypse we will be presenting the first stage of the whole Corporate Ashigaru range for use with Alien Squad Leader, UM011 USEME Cyberpunk and any other scale appropriate wargame rules system.

What are the Corporate Ashigaru? They are a feature of a lovingly imagined alternate future army list. They are the first stage. The world diverged and the Mega Corporations took over from governments. There is nothing beyond their power as they war with each other secretly and not so secretly. Corporate Ashigaru are the foot soldiers of that most powerful hub of the Corporations Neo-Tokyo. Bonded for life to their suited masters the Ashigaru make the will of the shogun of the board a reality. A unique looking force that speaks of a time when Japan really seemed like it would take over the world and cyborgs had circuit boards.

On the 18th of September 2014 there will be the following releases. These will be as packs and also with the options of three packs with a saving of 10% off list and single miniature purchase from pack codes.

HOF22 Corporate Ashigaru Personalities
HOF23 Corporate Ashigaru II
HOF24 Corporate Ashigaru Support
HOF25 Corporate Ashigaru Leaders
HOFP01 Corporate Ashigaru Platoon

There will also be a platoon pack featuring one of every pose including the original HOF76 Corporate Ashigaru pack. A big sampler if you will perfect for skirmishing gaming. A total of nineteen different miniatures sculpted by Elton Waters.

If you have any questions do let me know by comment or email.

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  1. Maybe 15mm Warzone will be a possibility after all :) Nice design too.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ivan. Glad you like them. GBS