Monday 14 November 2016

Free USEME Scenario - Uplink 404

Today we give to all you 15mm science fiction wargamers out there a brand new free scenario for USEME.  Uplink 404 is a small scale mission between Corporate Ashigaru and Security Force Alpha all about a Maginot Turret.  A quick and fun scenario written by Thomas Hamilton.  You can see the USEME Range HERE in print (for the moment) and all as paid for PDF downloads too.  This scenario uses UM001 15mm Science Fiction.

Click HERE to download this fun and free one page scenario from our Dropbox account.  Enjoy!

If you like free scenarios for USEME a quick reminder that you can get the whole Terminus mini-campaign arc of scenarios from us.  Linked up and great fun and written by myself just click HERE to download it.

Thanks for Reading and well done Mr Hamilton!


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