Thursday 9 June 2016

Three new free USEME sci-fi scenarios by Vic Dobson!

All of us at are delighted to present to you three new free scenarios written by veteran wargamer Vic Dobson for the USEME rules system.  Ideal for use with UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction the first title in the series (you can get this and the other USEME titles as paid for downloads as well from HERE) these three scenarios are based around Vic's collection of miniatures taken from the HOF range, the SHM range and the Loud Ninja Games range of figures.  Click on the links to visit these ranges and the rules system.

There are near a dozen titles in the USEME range of wargame rules covering many genres.

Download the three scenarios from our dropbox account in a zip file by clicking on this link HERE. Each of the scenarios presents a different challenge and level of complexity and playing time. Here is a quick run down of each of them.

Scenario One – Recon Run
Recon Run is a two player game of USE ME. In this small game two reconnaissance teams encounter one another and battle to gain information whilst denying it to the enemy!

Scenario Two – The One that Got Away
The One that got Away is a four player game of USE ME. In this small game, as the local gang boss meets with a dangerous but useful hireling, and the local authorities seek to arrest  both, whilst some bounty-hunters plan to gain their reward, and new arrivals add complications to all sides …

Scenario Three – The Raid
The Raids a two player game of USE ME. In this small game a small but elite Chuhuac special operations’ strike team endeavours to destroy a shield regulator defended by the local planetary security teams.


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  1. Awesome Scenario's! love the way they play. Well done Vic Dobson!

    1. Thanks. Glad you like them. I will pass it on to Vic.