Monday 6 June 2016

25% off Fleet Scale Mecha sprues this month

Designed by Eli Arndt our small range of Fleet Scale Mecha which is also useful in 6mm scale is currently 25% off its normal price per sprue (4 or 5 Mecha) until the end of June 2016.  Two different codes.  You can see there all HERE on their own page or go HERE for the full Deals and Offers page which has this offer plus a lot of other ones covering 15mm Science Fiction, 15mm Fantasy as well as Horror and Buildings and Scenics.

You can use these excellent little mechs with UM006 USEME Starship Battles which can be found HERE on the website in print or HERE on our blog as a paid for download.  Excellent fun and value too.

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  1. The way the shopping cart works with the discount you're better off buying single sprues ten times (9.00 for the 4-figure lot) this month than the ten sprue deal (which comes in at 10.80). Kind of amusing.

    1. Thanks Rich. That is indeed the way it works. The offer is on the sprue as outlined and any multiple can be chosen. The standard 10% off for ten is present as normal as it is on most of our products but it is not affected by this offer. Thus far no customer who has picked up the offer has been confused by it. 4, 6,9, 21 sprues etc. GBS