Tuesday 16 June 2015

SHM Alien Animals on Magpie and Old Lead Blog

"How Much Is That Creature In The Window...?"  "...The one with the wiggly pseudopod."

An awesome fun posting this time from the gang at 15mm.co.uk.  Over on the Magpie and Old Lead Blog blogger Axiom put up a posting this spring showing his collection of creatures for use by his 'Xeno Pet Trader'...what a hoot!  You can visit the posting HERE.  Its really good and well worth a eye chewing from your good self.

The pets in question came from several sources but among them and noted were 15mm creatures from our SHM Range.  These included the following which though meant for 15mm scale do work in other scales too:

SHM25 Little Krators.
Three Young Aliens. This code gives three miniatures randomly taken from three poses of small Krator. Each stands approx 6mm tall and is one piece. Krators are vicious predators who hunt in packs and are quite capable of eating through the toughest walls and armour with their row upon row of needle sharp teeth. Great for colonist games or deep space encounters or even near future or present day games on Earth.   There is also SHM26 Krator if you want a bigger nasty.

SHM23 Eyetaran
The Eyetaran is native to many world among the Galactic community and is something of an engima. Some feel it was once sentient and others that it was spread among planets by an ancient star faring race. It seems an calm creature but it is capable of forming packs and hunting down prey as large as small groups of humans. Keep an eye on it!  Perfect for your alien safari's, hunts and objectives 

SHM74 Human Faced Helmith
Can your sanity survive an encounter with the Human Faced Helmith!  Sharing the features of a man and a snake with the evil of both this is a perfect creature for your Eldritch or Post-Apoc forces.

We have many other creatures such as the Lesser Flesh Shoggoth, Gecko Guy, Thing of the Abyss and the Tentacle Brain Monster.  You can see all of these on our website in the SHM Range. HERE.

This post gives a wargamer a stack of neat ideas for scenarios and setting.

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  1. That's pretty clever, I like the arm to pick them up. Pets can be poison, after all ;)

    As for your others, anyone who keeps a Lesser Flesh Shoggoth as a pet must have a biiiiiig backyard.

    1. Indeed. Yes, its not a pet I would like to cuddle!