Tuesday 2 June 2015

Laserburn Law Officers in Matt Morans collection

The classic 15mm 'mother of the scale' range Laserburn has many fans all over the world some new and some reaching back the three decades of the miniatures and game's existence. One of these fans is Matt Moran who has a collection of Law Officers from the range which he was kind enough to send pictures of to us which we present to you here. Matt plans on using them as a Galactic Police faction in his own science fiction setting. He is a fellow with wargaming ambitions! 

A Patrol of Law Officers 100, 101 119, 124 poses
Four 102 Law Officer Bikes!
Two to a base the Riot Teams with shields and riot gun.  116 and 117 poses
A leading element including a Dog
Working in an Adventurer with Support Bolter as a Law Officer.  Fire Support!
The Law Officers in force ready to put you down if you step out of line!
You can find Laserburn in its own pages of the 15mm.co.uk website and if you click HERE you will be taken to a selective search page of the website showing all of the Law Officers including a Value Pack which gives you a whole force with a saving. 

We finish with a picture of Matt's alien warriors the Szithk. You can find all of the Laserburn range HERE and then browse for what interests you. 

Thanks for Reading and thanks Matt! 



  1. I love seeing these painted up. Mine are still queued on my paint tray... Great idea to use the adventurer. I'll be borrowing that idea at some point myself!

    1. That was my first impression too that is was clever to use the bolt gun adventurer as a support pose for the Law Officer. Borrow away!


  2. Mine are painted in exactly the same colours (apart from the visors). Such a "Judge Dredd" inspired miniature would look wrong in anything else!