Tuesday 5 May 2015

YanDrassi Range Now Released at 15mm.co.uk

Congratulations to Loud Ninja Games for today is the release day for the next big expansion to the RAP code structure with the arrival of The YanDrassi an alien empire made up of several distinct species. There are pack codes and force builder packs with a small saving. Find them on the Loud Ninja Games page. We have two blog posts as well one all about 'Who are the YanDrassi' and also 'Stijn's Painted YanDrassi' click through to see the pictures and read more. Designed by Sean Bullough these 15mm science fiction miniatures are great for any setting and campaign. Here is what is now on the website. 

RAP019 Neek Squad (5 Miniatures) 

RAP020 Tavshar Squad (4 Miniatures) 

RAP021 Horogosi Squad (5 Miniatures) 

RAP022 Tavshar Gun Skimmer Set (1 Kit and Dismounted Rider) 

RAP023 Tavshar Officers (2 Miniatures) 

 RAP024 Tavshar Prime (1 Miniature) 

RAP025 Horgosi Prime (1 Miniature) 

RAP026 Horgosi Beserker (1 Miniature) 


All the miniatures are 15mm scale and cast in high quality white metal. A whole army of troops and commanders can be had from these codes. Each of the following Force Builder Packs gives a whole force to use and gives you a 5% saving off the codes above in a bundle. 

RAP024P YanDrassi Mixed Force Builder 
(1xRAP024, 1xRAP023, 1xRAP021, 2xRAP020, 2xRAP019) (26 Miniatures). 

RAP019P Neek Force Builder 
(1x RAP023, 5xRAP019) (27 Miniatures) 

RAP020P Tavshar Force Builder 
(1xRAP023, 5xRAP020) (22 Miniatures) 

RAP022P Tavshar Gun Skimmer Squadron 
(3xRAP022) (3 Kits, 3 Dismounted Riders)

 RAP021P Horgosi Force Builder 
 (1xRAP025,1xRAP026, 3xRAP021) (17 Miniatures) 

We all hope you really like these versatile miniatures and fit them to your own campaigns. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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