Monday 9 February 2015

Results of the 15mm Monster Survey

A couple of weeks ago we carried out a huge survey of our whole email database asking just what wargamers who are fans of 15mm Fantasy would like to see next in our HOT 15mm Fantasy Range in terms of new Monsters.  We had a really good level of response and I took pride in personally answering every single person who took the time to reply to the survey.  So thank you again and if you got a reply from me that did not make total sense I apologise but I did my very best to address all points raised.  Suggestions totalled more than two hundred different creatures, behemoths and monsters and it was quite a task to collate and then rank the replies.  While many of these got one or two votes only some got a couple of dozen and then a few got several hundred and one...well one was near a thousand votes.

So what were the winners?  Here they are in no particular order beginning with the top four which we will now promise to design and release this year and then the top four runners up which we may also design and release this year:

Monster Survey Winners
  • The Cockatrice (Engish Medieval Monster)
  • The Ghoul Dragon (A Gaunt and Fearsome Monster)
  • The Lammasu (Sumerian Monster)
  • Giant Scorpions (Behemoth Arachnids)

Monster Survey Runner Up's
  • Ogres (Brutish Pair of Monsters)
  • The Djinn (A Magical Creature)
  • Cyclopes (Single Eyed Staulkers)
  • Giant Carrion Bird (Ally of the Undead)

Expect more news on the 15mm Fantasy front soon and also about these monsters.  What was evident from the survey was the amount of love out there for not only but also for this scale and genre.  Well we will not let you all down.  The monsters are coming!

Thanks for Reading.


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