Tuesday 17 February 2015

New Element Bases for HOTT at 15mm.co.uk

As part of our ongoing process of enlarging and improving our own and your beloved 15mm.co.uk we have taken the step today in retiring most of our old 'Supabase' range of bases and replacing them with lighter resin ones.  These are high quality resin bases in the cartouche style as used in Flintloque over on Alternative Armies meaning they have rounded edges.  This rounded edge makes for a lovely finish when painted and is much easier on your gaming terrain surface as well.  So without further ado lets move along and have a look at the HOTT 2nd Edition element bases now on our website.

HOTT 2nd Edition Element Bases
We have five new packs of cartouche style element bases for use with HOTT 2nd Edition or with any other element using wargame system.  Produced in high quality grey tone resin these bases all have a 40mm frontage and varying depths.  These correspond exactly to the sizes used in HOTT and to the basing table for different troop types in the game; those being Letter A to Letter E.  Each pack is priced at 2.00GBP and contains a varying number of the same size base.  Our website features one page for these bases and you can make your selection by clicking on the drop down product menu.
CLICK HERE to go to our website.  Details are below.

EBR01 15mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (10 per pack)
EBR02 20mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (8 per pack)
EBR03 30mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base (6 per pack)
EBR04 40mm by 40mm Square Element Base (4 per pack)
EBR05 60mm by 40mm Rectangle Element Base  (2 per pack)

HOTT 2nd Edition 24AP Armies at 15mm.co.uk
We have twenty different great value pre-assembled army packs for use with HOTT.  These are very popular and we will be doing more of them during 2015 as we outlined in the Monster Survey.  From today the element bases supplied with every army you purchase will be our resin ones.  These armies offer great value for money and give you all you need to play right out of the box.  Go HERE.

From today all of our HOTT 24AP Armies will be supplied with our resin bases when unpainted and when purchased painted and based will be supplied finished upon the new resin bases.  We offer all of our armies professionally hand painted by our experienced staff right here in Scotland.  This means you get an expertly packaged army which is ready to use right away upon arrival.

We have new images of three of our Pro-Painted and Based 24AP Armies now with the new bases on the website.  These are HOTT1003 Orc Warhorde, HOTT1007 Undead Army and HOTT1010 Dragonman Army.  These are in stock and as a wee treat we have taken 5% off the price unpainted and also painted and based.  You need do nothing as the price is already changed in the screen. HOTT is a great classic game system for any level of experience of wargamer.  Give it a go this weekend.

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