Tuesday 27 January 2015

Monster Survey for new 15mm Monsters sent out today!

Back in December all of us at 15mm.co.uk made the decision that we would ask our customer base (and the whole 15mm fantasy wargaming community by expansion) this month about our planned expansion to the most excellent hundred code strong HOT 15mm Fantasy range.  

Its going to be a big year for this range and it begins here with this survey.  We want to know what wargamers want next in the HOT 15mm range in terms of Monsters.  Behemoths, Gods, Giants and Monsters!

Those on our mailing list will be getting the special email to reply to today.  If you are not on our mailing list (shame on you!) then email me directly on sales@15mm.co.uk asking to be put on it and I will send the special email to you manually during this week.  If you don't reply then we won't know and we do want to know what should become a miniature reality.  Look to your inbox!

We are planning a major expansion of our HOT 15mm Fantasy Range this year with more than a dozen new packs and a part of this is the creation of new Monsters, Creatures and Behemoth codes. We will make the top FOUR requests a miniature reality in 2015 but it may be even more if time allows. 

Currently we have had over three hundred requests since last month with gamers wanting to get in early so there are already creatures in a ranked list.  We have included these requests in requested rank in the email.  The top tow currently are shown as sketches in this blog post.

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