Monday 12 January 2015

Free Worldwide Shipping until 19th January at

The new year is now well under way and with the festivities a memory filed with every other its time to think of the wargaming campaign season ahead. By popular request and as outline in the middle of last month we are offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders from now until 9pm GMT Monday 19th January 2015. A week of free shipping! 

This applies to all of our 15mm Science Fiction miniatures, 15mm Fantasy miniatures, 15mm Historical miniatures, rule books, dice, bases and everything else on the website. So if you are a fan of Laserburn, HOTT, ASQL or any other 15mm system you will find lots to interest you. 

Go HERE and then browse to your chosen pages on 

Free Worldwide Shipping Week: From Monday 12th January 2015 until 9pm GMT Monday 19th January 2015 we will remove the postage for standard UK and International Airmail and replace them with FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Place an order as normal and select free postage during checkout and there you go! You need enter no code or anything just select free postage in your world region on the third page of the checkout. This applies to all orders of all values and as many orders as you like worldwide. You may still elect to choose 'signed for shipping' at the normal pricing (10.00GBP per order). 

What is coming after this week of free shipping? Read on to find out why you should sign up for our mailing list this week: 

Monster Customer Survey by Email: We are planning a major expansion of our HOT 15mm Fantasy Range this year with more than a dozen new packs and a part of this is the creation of new Monsters, Creatures and Behemoth codes. We are going to ask for our customers input in this directly. Almost all the releases in our HOT range are based on wargamers requests but this is a new thing for us to ask directly. We will make the top FOUR creatures a miniature reality in 2015. So if you are not on our Mailchimp list email us on asking to be put on it. The survey will be sent out in late January 2015 and all you will need to do is read it and then reply with your choices. Currently we have had over two hundred requests since last month with gamers wanting to get in early so there are already seven creatures in a ranked list. We will include this in the survey when it goes out so you can see what is already being thought of. 

There will be other offers and of course releases detailed in future emails so it is well worth signing up. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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