Monday 3 November 2014

Expanding the Undead in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range – Centaurs and Guard

“Love those new archers and spears in the HOT Range.  
How about some elite skeletons to go with them?!”

This is the next stage in our Undead expansion for the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and you can read the first expansion blog post HERE if you missed it.  There was some nice feedback in October 2014 upon the release of the two bulked up codes (missile troop and spear toting 15mm scale skeletons) so its now time to talk about what is coming up next.  Among the acre of feeddback from customers about expanding the Undead was a desire for more veteran or heavily armoured and armed infantry and also some kind of mounted troops too.  All of these would be from scratch as existing codes would have all been bulked out and released so we put our thinking caps on and come up with two more packs that would be at home on any 15mm fantasy players wargame table.  This second expansion adds to existing codes as follows:

HOT98 Skeltaur Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
While I might be incorrect I think that these miniatures may well be unique and I have certainly never seen skeletal centaurs or 'skeltaurs' before in my meanderings.  This pack gives some mixed use Undead cavalry with a twist.  The first post is a skeltaur with spear and small shield wearing a felt up a sort of medium cavalry.  The second pose is a skeltaur knight in armour and helmet armed with spear and shield for heavier cavalry and the last pose is a skeltaur with a bow for missile cavalry. The pack is a random mix of the three poses for a total of six miniatures they will suit most settings from classic fantasy to dungeoneering and medieval fantasy crossovers too. They fit in well with the rest of the HOT Undead Range of packs 

HOT99 Skeleton Eternal Guard (16 Miniatures)
As your ranks of rattling bone boys advance to meet their mortal foes you sometimes think that it would be nice if they upped the ante a bit with a touch of extra armour to deflect incoming swords, spears, halberds and those pesky fire arrows too.  The upcoming Eternal Guard do that job nicely. Four different poses of Skeleton all in a mix of plate and mail armour.  The first pose with sword and round shield, the second an axe and round shield, the third a large two handed sword and the forth with a sabre raised and a large round shield.  Poses will be randomly mixed in the pack and these go great with HOT Skeleton archers and spears.  Use them to bolster your legions as they march the face of the world!  
As with the rest of the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range we will be offering the purchase choices of a single pack or three packs with a ten percent saving or a sampler with one of each pose in the pack (great for skirmishing or dungeon crawling) all at great prices. Suitable for any 15mm Fantasy wargame rules system from HOTT 2nd Edition to Age of Might and Steel and others such as Song of Blades and Heroes. 

We will be releasing these two codes on Friday 14th November 2014.

If you are a keen wargamer who plays the Undead in 15mm scale then there is already a lot to see in the HOT range.  Here are the current codes:

HOT40 Skeleton Missile Troops (16 miniatures)
HOT41 Skeleton Spears (16 miniatures)
HOT12 Ghoul, Wraith and Knight (16 miniatures)
HOT14 Hordes of the Dead (16 miniatures)
HOT21 Zombie Horde (16 miniatures)
HOT24 Undead Cavalry (6 miniatures)
HOT36 Mounted Wraiths (6 miniatures)
HOT63 Catapult with Undead Crew (1 set)
HOT64 Cadaver Zombies (10 miniatures)
HOT74 Wraith Lord on Fell Beast (1 set)
HOT83 Undead Command (16 pieces)
HOT95 Ghosts (10 miniatures)

These can all be found on the HOT 15mm Fantasy page of our website HERE.

If you have ideas for HOT then I always want to hear them.  The range almost always expands on the back of wargamers requests so comment here or all the better email me direct and let me know what you would like to see. There are mumblings of more monsters in the ether ports just now.

Thanks for Reading.


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