Wednesday 12 November 2014

Black Friday Sale announced for Loud Ninja Games is happy to announce that in partnership with Loud Ninja Games we will be holding a twenty four hour Black Friday Sale on Friday 28th November 2014. This sale will be as follows. For a period from 9am GMT Friday 28th November 2014 until 9am Saturday 29th November 2014 there will be a 20% price reduction on the core Chuhuac space raptor codes. This will be applied directly to the prices on the website on the Loud Ninja Games page so no need for a voucher code or such.

Here are the codes included in the coming offer:

RAP001 Chuhuac Troopers (6) 
RAP002 Chuhuac Leaders and Support Weapons (6) 
RAP003 Chuhuac Command Section (4) 
RAP004 Chuhuac Herdmaster (1) 
RAP005 Chuhuac Spec Ops (6) 
RAP006 Chuhuac Assault Troopers (6) 
RAP007 Chuhuac Battlesuits (2) 
RAP008 Sirrus APC (1) 
RAP009 Chuhuac Grav Bikes (3) 
RAP010 28mm Chuhuac Alphas (3) 
RAP011 28mm Chuhuac Troopers (3) 
RAP012 Chuhuac Heavy Combat Cyberform (1) 
RAP003A Chuhuac Light Combat Cyberform (6) 

We will announce this event when it happens through our channels online but it is best if you bookmark and look out for this special event as it will be over fast! 

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