Wednesday 6 August 2014

A Troopship From Scotland a painting testimonial

Recently dispatched a large order to the United States of America which contained a huge number of pro-painted and based miniatures.  These miniatures were for a regular and great customer of ours MC Monkey-Dew who operates his own wargaming blog.  This mighty force was a 15mm English Civil War (ECW) and Thirty Years War assembly on custom bases and a custom use.  It was unique.  See this post HERE.

All of the miniatures were from the Altuos 15mm Renaissance Range on our website and the glowing testimonial to this big undertaking was so fine that I decided to let you all know about it through this blog.  From the miniatures to the uniforms to the bases and then the very high standard of packaging for international travel (this is no mean feat with 15mm scale pikemen!) we did very well.  Thank you for the kind words!

If you are a 15mm player of Historicals or Fantasy or even Science Fiction and you would like us to quote you our great value rates which include the miniature, its painting, its basing and shipping then email me on We are reliable, quick and excellently priced.

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