Monday 28 July 2014

Galactic Knights - A Miniature Design Art Jam plus offer!

Its not that often that you come home from a long day at work to find something totally awesome in your feed but that was just what I found today.  What follows is by our lead designer Sam Croes and is his own words and images about how the HOF105 Galactic Knights came into being.  Its a direct transcript with images.  I have put an offer on this code for a week at 10% off so check them out and now read on.  GBS

Some time ago, I was involved in a remarkable design collaboration, an "art jam" as some of us call. during such a "jam", two or more creative persons will bounce ideas and designs off each other and work together to create a truly unique end result. 

For this project, the first miniature design project I have thus attempted, I drew upon the wild ideas of my good friend, the many-talented Catheren "Cat" Beaton. Cat and I share a passion for swords and warriors, and during one of our online chats, the idea was sparked.

A few moments later, Cat had roughly sketched out what she thought the basic look of the Knights should be. From these expressive gesture lines, I distilled the most iconic features in a new drawing; the layered angular look of the suits and armour, the very unique helmet face plate, the broad sword blade and the flowing cloak.

Having then established the look of the figures, I then could start sculpting. One figure in the pack of four was based straight off the concept art. Two others were given handguns of a matching design, and a final one was given a support rifle type weapon. 

After receiving the first castings of these miniatures, it was time to decide on a colour scheme. Space Age white for the suits, trimmed with gold for a fantasy touch, but the main contrast was provided by a vivid purple for the cloaks and fiery orange for the energy sword blades. 

At this point the miniatures were released, but I was not done yet. Feeling inspired, I created one more illustration based on the final design. And with this picture, truly the process has come full circle. 

And so the collaboration came to a fruitful Conclusion. But that is not entirely the end of it, there's one thing more to show. Some time after the sculpting of the figures, Cat did me a lovely little sketch of a female sci-fi knight. I took this sketch and added some colour magic to it. 

Will this picture ever translate into miniature form? Only time can tell... Meanwhile, grab yourself a pack of Galactic Knights at!  SC

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