Wednesday 9 July 2014

Alien Squad Leader 100 Point Army Packs now come with Cartouche Bases

Before we come to our main releases of the week on Thursday I have some news for you all.  Fans of Alien Squad Leader 2.0 will be happy to hear that from this week all orders from that contain an army pack for the game will come with new and better element bases.

The new element bases are in the correct sizes for ASQL that being a 50mm square and a 100mm by 50mm rectangle for troop elements.  They are cartouche shape meaning rounded corners and are made of 3mm thick high quality resin.  These are pleasing to the eye and are strong enough to carry any 15mm miniatures or vehicles.  This change applies to our army packs for ASQL unpainted and pro-painted and based.

We currently offer the following Army Packs for Alien Squad Leader and we have another coming in the near future for a Human Colonial Army.

Thanks for your time.


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