Thursday 19 June 2014

20% Off One Week Offers (Dwarves, Octopods, Vikings) – June 2014

A new feature for us here at a one week selection of special offers giving you 20% off normal prices on selected parts of our ranges. Three selections, one science fiction, one fantasy and one historical. We will have more new releases from next week but this week these specials by request. Here are the codes that are on offer for one week from our science fiction, fantasy and historical ranges:

HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range – The Octopods!

(20% off packs and single miniatures from packs)

HOF59 Octopod Command

HOF53 Octopod Troopers

HOF60 Octopod Heavy Weapons

HOF61 Octopod Seer Guard

HOF89 Octopod Assault Troopers

HOF88 Octopod Jet Bikes

HOT 15mm Fantasy Range – The Dwarves!

(20% off packs and sample sets from packs)

HOT1 Dwarf Command

HOT2 Dwarf Warriors

HOT2A Dwarf Polearms

HOT2B Dwarf Hammers

HOT39 Dwarf Knight

HOT54 Dwarf Crossbow

HOT15 Dwarf Artillery

HOT17 Dwarf Catapult

Isarus 15mm Dark Age Range – Vikings!

(20% off single miniature codes)

V1 Viking Infantry Command

V2 Viking Beserker

V3 Huscarl with Axe

V4 Huscarl with Speak

V5 Select Lidang with Axe

V6 Select Lidang with Spear

V7 General Lidang with Spear

V8 Javelinman

V9 Thrall

V10 Slinger

V11 Bowman

V12 Light Archer

VC1 Cavalry Command

VC3 Mounted Huscarl

VC4 Mounted Spearman

Go HERE for our Deals and Offers page.

These offers last for one week from today 19th June 2014 until 26th June 2014 with our next release update. Please note the 20% price reduction is directly applied to codes and no code is needed simply add to your cart. These are alongside the standard 'buy three save 10%' choice on the codes for the duration of this promotion. This is a prefect opportunity to try something new for your collection or to expand it. We may run another group of offers like this next month if demand is there (we do not normally do these sort of promotions) so if there is something from our ranges you would like us to consider putting on offer email us and let us know.

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