Friday 9 May 2014

Laserburn Glaive converted for Traveller in 15mm Scale

Back in January of this year I spoke to a lovely chap by the name of Keith Fry who is a big fan of Laserburn and of Traveller too in 15mm scale.  He was about to undertake a conversion of a V008 Glaive APC with some bits to make a specialised vehicle for his Traveller collection.  I helped out with a resin test casting at that point.  I asked if I could, when the time came, put up a posting about it here on the blog.  Assent was given and here we are only a few months later!

 Above you can see the original resin V008H model hover Glaive which is on our website and below you can see the Sharushid Type 42 Fire Control Centre that Keith converted his into.

A good job and a fine result.  You can read the article HERE on his blog.  There is a lot for a 15mm science fiction fan to read on his blog so have a


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