Saturday 5 April 2014

Tiny Solitary Soldiers paints up a Space Raptor!

This came up on my feed this morning tied to  A lovely painted up example of the Loud Ninja Games 15mm Chuhuac space raptor.  You can see it above.  Here is a link to the post.

You can find the whole range of Loud Ninja Games on our website including this one miniature from RAP001.  These are unique miniatures commissioned with passion by Eli Arndt.  Have a browse.

Lastly the author of TSS, Space Jacker, has said on his blog post that his interest in wargaming posting has moved away from Blogger in favour of Instagram.  I hope personally that he changes his mind and at least copy pastes to his blogger site as it is easier for me to look at and follow.  If you feel the same then comment on the thread on his post.  He is a great fellow and a fine painter and modeller.

Thanks for Reading.