Monday 7 April 2014

HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret revealed at Salute 2014!

This code will be at the Alternative Armies trade stand TF07 for the Salute 2014 show on Saturday 12th April 2014 at Excel in London.  Get your hands on it first there from Sam Croes the designer of this model.  It will be released onto the website during the week after the convention. Interested?  Read on...

HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret
It is the year 2100 and the Resource Wars are in full swing on Earth.  Nations feud to take what they can from a dying world that is all out of succour for her greedy children.  The richer power blocks have established small colonies on Mars and on the Moon in partial terraforming and in dome.  While the use of nuclear and chem-bio weapons is outlawed it is more out of fear than respect of life.  War is everywhere and the battle lines are in field and city both.   For the winners there will be places among the stars a series of Human Colonies and for the losers only the arid taste of the towering exhaust of plumes of the mighty Ark Ships that are even now being built.  Welcome to the year 2100.

HOF27 Maginot DT opposite side
HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret  (4.00GBP)
This pack contains the resin and white metal pieces to assemble one 15mm scale Maginot Defence Turret. The Maginot is a stationary structure that acts as a strong point for your forces in play.  Designed as a feature of the Human Colonial Army template in Alien Squad Leader 2.0 it is equally at home in any near future or such game system.  Parts are: Turret Main Body, Turret Ring (rotatable in mount when assembled), Turret Top, Cannon Barrel and Non Lethal Barrel (a choice of two weapon options).  Approx 40mm tall when assembled.  Easy to assemble and great value. The Maginot is part of Security Force Alpha (SFA) in the HOF Range.  From battles to peace keeping or law enforcement roles it suits them all.

Full details and more images will be in the release post for HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret...enjoy!


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