Monday 28 April 2014

Mr Harolds Magical Miniature Review of our Modern Tents!

I got a lovely surprise at the weekend when Mr Harold (he of Clear Horizon and Dropship Horizon fame) emailed me to give me a link to the above video which he has posted up to YouTube.  A video review of our recently released FST01 and FST02 15mm Modern Tents packs.   The video is well worth watching and is informative as to the use of the tents and some scale comparisons to our own and other makers brands of miniatures including his own excellent Hell Divers.

Here are links to the two packs on our website:

FST01 Modern Tents (Two in the Pack)
FST02 Torn Modern Tents (Two in the Pack)

And a nice picture of them to show you what they look like all painted up by our studio.  Mr Harold tells us that he is painting his tents up as a research set in whites and greys with logos.  I look forward to seeing that.

Keep up the good work!



  1. cool :) on the video he mentions my refugees as well (some of my favourite sculpts)

    1. This one is all about your work Elton. They go well together. GBS