Thursday 14 July 2016

Wally paints up the Ikwen!

I was kindly given permission to post up these two photographs from the collection of Wally Harwood who is a customer of and a fan of the Iwken, the alien race created by Eli Arndt at Loud Ninja Games which we stock.  I hope you enjoy them.  I certainly do and I really like that green colouration.

A very original idea you can read about the origins of the Ikwen on our blog HERE. If you want to see all of the posts including release ones this specialised blog search will show you them HERE. There are three packs of Ikwen and a great platoon saver deal too.  There are also specialised terrain items for the Ikwen all of which can be seen on our website HERE.

Perfect for use as an indigenous alien foe for your space faring forces or as alien guerrillas fighting a heroic resistance against say Human occupation of their world. 

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