Thursday 7 April 2016

25% off 25 Altuos 15mm Renaissance Codes!

Free Worldwide Shipping on all Orders over 10.00GBP product value until 18th April. has a large selection of classic 15mm historical ranges for wargamers to choose from. We don't often mention them much so we decided to offer you 25% yes twenty five percent off twenty five codes in the Altuos range this time taken entirely from the infantry of the 16th century. Suitable for any wargame system set in this period. Go HERE

There are about one hundred and forty different miniatures in the Altuos range from the 15th to the 17th century covering the nations of Europe plus Ottoman Turkish too. Infantry, Cavalry, Command, Artillery Crews, Artillery pieces too. Discount is on the screen you just add to your cart. Here are the codes in the offer: 

MR6 Swiss Light Pike 
MR7 Swiss Halberd 
MR8 Swiss Arquebus 
MR9 Swiss Crossbow 
MR10 Swiss Hornblower 
MR11 English Billman 
MR12 English Longbow 
MR13 English Pike 
MR14 English Arquebus 
MR15 Irish Kern 
MR16 Irish Gallowglass 
MR18 Scot Lowland Pike 
MR19 Scot Highlander 
MR20 Italian Pike 
MR21 Italian Halberd 
MR22 Italian Arquebus 
MR23 Italian Crossbow 
MR24 Cretan Crossbow 
MR25 Francs Archer 
MR26 Landsknecht Hy Pike 
MR27 Landsknecht Lt Pike 
MR28 Landsknecht 2H Sword 
MR29 Landsknecht Arquebus 

The discounts last until the end of the month of April 2016. 

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