Thursday 10 December 2015

Sam Croes customised 15mm SFA Winter Troopers

Festive Fun month continues with a great little blog article now.

Next week we will be presenting the annual free USEME scenario for winter 2015 titled 'Abominable Weather' a follow up to last years Branch Face and the year before Cold Thing both of which can be found on the links. The scenario will make use of the new SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters miniatures added to the seasonal range this month alongside the Evil Snowmen and Killer Xmas Trees. 

But before that I want to introduce you to the brave lads and lassies of Security Force Alpha (SFA) our generic near future packs in the HOF range but with a difference... 

Our lead designer Sam Croes is a wizard of the green stuff and many other things too. He has an extensive collection of miniatures of his own many of which have been 'tweaked' by his hand into unique poses or looks. His own collection of SFA miniatures is no different. These images show you his Winter Troopers converted from standard Security Force Alpha miniatures. 

Below are the larger images but as you can see the collection of Winter SFA Troopers is composed of seven different unique miniatures. The command poses are all converted from HOF95 SFA Command. An officer with re-breather for extreme cold climate as well as fur lined uniform and a communications trooper with the sat dish augmented with long ariel gear to manage the extreme conditions. Lastly a sniper with additional fur lining and a long cloak along with bigger scope on his rifle. The trooper poses are taken from HOF96, HOF97 and HOF99 and are armed with sub-machine guns and large bore combat shotgun. The normal uniform has been made better for artic weather by the addition of extra linings and fur trimming as well as a re-breather supplying warmed pre-warmed air. Some of the troopers have weather proofed fabric packs on their backs allowing them to carry survival equipment and extra food. 

We hope you liked this quick look at these converted miniatures. The Security Force Alpha range contains seventeen different packs and more than thirty poses and is well suited to near future, present day, post apocalypse and many more settings. Designed by Elton Waters (Infantry and Skimmer) and Sam Croes (Turret and Charger) the SFA sits well in your collection as the faceless enforcers of your will! 

Have a good festive time and look out for the scenario soon. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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