Friday 6 November 2015

ASQL2.0 Alien Squad Leader back in stock next week!

Over the last year Alternative Armies and by extension its sister brands and The Ion Age have seen a surge in the sales of printed books across our ranges. This is great news and was rather unexpected. As a result we sold out of several titles and had to set a schedule for re-prints and bringing in new stock. We have nearly completed this project and now it is the turn of Alien Squad Leader ASQL2.0 by Alex Self to be brought back into print. In agreement with Mr Self we will be keeping ASQL2.0 in print only and not as a PDF or download title. It will remain at its current price (12.00GBP) with no increase and it will be remain a high quality perfect bound book made right here in Scotland. 

You can visit the ASQL page of our website HERE

Alien Squad Leader is a unique system. It really is. Unlike other 15mm scale science fiction systems it is totally and I mean totally generic with army templates for anything from Human Colonial to Mechanoids, Hive Mind, Alien Greys, Outlaw Gangs and more! Element Based it can use any miniatures and be tailored to your own universe. Read about it and order once back in stock.

ASQL2.0 will be back in stock on our website on Wednesday 11th 2015 and we will make an announcement then. 

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