Tuesday 10 November 2015

15mm.co.uk stocks PH11 Old English Dragon as Titanic Monster

Our sister brand Alternative Armies has brought what we think is one of the best white metal Dragons ever back in production.  P11 Old English Dragon dates from the 1980's and we thin it is totally suitable as a Grand Dragon or a Titanic Monster in 15mm scale too.  To that end we have put it on our website in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and have a short article here showing it alongside 15mm scale miniatures. Go HERE or read on.

P11 Old English Dragon
This classic 1980's monster is brilliant even by today's standards.  Full of detail and expression it is a creature of rage and power.  It is composed of five white metal parts these being the body, a foot, the tail and two wings which are straight forward to assemble.  Once assembled the Dragons stands about 55m tall, 100mm or so across and about 110mm long including the tail.  Suitable for any fantasy campaign and rules system and it belongs with you if you collect Dragons as well.   You have the choice of purchasing one kit or three kits from the drop down product menu which gives you a 10% saving.  20.00GBP.  Go HERE.

You can see the parts of this Dragon model placed on a 1cm grid of square above.  Below are pictures showing the Dragon on the wargaming table alongside our TTF Fantasy Human miniatures (about 15mm to 17mm tall each) for scale and our HOB1 Human Buildings Set too.

You can read the release announcement for Alternative Armies on this Dragon HERE.

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