Thursday 2 July 2015

Attor the Ghoul Dragon offer coming 10th July 2015

Welcome to the high summer so its only fitting that we give you a quick teasing look at something which will be coming on the 10th July 2015 which belongs in the bleakest of dark winter weather. Attacking a small village defended by a questing knight is Attor the Ghoul Dragon!

If you are a fan of 15mm fantasy wargaming and a player of HOTT or any other system in that scale and genre then you will be interested in our up coming offer. Not only is the Ghoul Dragon our first miniature as a result of the customer requests 'Monster Survey' earlier this year but its also going to be the one hundredth code in the HOT range. As a result of this we are going to celebrate by placing this new monster at half price, yes 50% off, its full price for two weeks on our website. Awesome offer! The price will be at half off so all you will need to do is add to your cart. One, three, five of them as many as you want.

So roll on 10th July 2015 when HOT100 Ghoul Dragon designed by Sam Croes comes into the world!

Thanks for Reading.



  1. great model, cant wait untill the 10th ... and then all the time it takes for the post office to get to me , but worth it.:)

    1. Thanks for the kind words. We have a good number cast up and ready now and we will do our best to get this creature to you as quickly as we can come the 10th! Shame it cannot fly to you on its own.