Tuesday 21 April 2015

LBA2 16mm Round Metal Bases released as 15mm.co.uk

We retired the original LBA2 base and have now replaced it with a brand new and improved version of the same size.  Give your miniatures a firm footing that stands them in good stead on the wargames table.  If you like bases that give a little more weight to a miniature but does not protrude much around the miniature then this 16mm base is for you.  Go HERE.

Our fantastic 16mm round white metal base is ideal for 15mm wargame miniatures.  It is 2mm thick and emblazoned with the Alternative Armies Arrowhead (our parent brand).  Very durable and tight fitting to your miniatures it gives them a solid standing on the gaming table.  As you can see from the images they have a lovely look and feel great too produced from top quality molds. We offer a pack of 20 Bases and several other sizes of packs each with a saving over the twenty pack.  Click on the drop down product menu on this page to see all the options.  You can select 20 Bases, 50 Bases saving 5%, 100 Bases saving 10% or the mighty 500 Bases saving a whopping 20% off list price.  Go HERE.

Suitable for use with any 15mm Infantry or Creatures or even with other scales such as 6mm or as objective markers and parts of dioramas.

We are in the middle of our Spring Offers month which you can read about HERE.  In short if you use the code 'spring' during checkout you will get 15% off your order and all orders get a free 'goody bag' of related to order miniatures worth 10% of order value.  This also applies to these new bases!

Plus we have reduced the price of the V106 Law Officer Air Raft too by a small amount for the rest of this month. Remember you will get another 15% off if you use the code. Go HERE.

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