Monday 13 January 2014

Coming Soon - HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers

HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers - SMG's and Berets
Wargamers who adore 15mm science fiction miniatures and models have been asking me since the inception of this blog to give some 'sneak previews' and 'coming soon' posts as well.  Well I aim to please so here is the first one of the, well maybe more than one hundred codes for this year, new packs.  HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers coming end of this month.

Rear View of HOF104
Security Force Alpha (SFA) is the generic near future force in the HOF Range which we will be adding to with infantry and vehicle releases in 2014.  You can view the existing packs in SFA on the website and you can read an interview I did with Chris over at Dropship Horizon too.

HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers will be a pack of ten mixed of four poses of typical veteran troopers in the same gear as the other SFA except for Berets instead of helmets.  Useful for 'lower intensity' warfare or peace keeping or perhaps as a guard for a politician or leader.  Bit more human than the blank visors of the rest of the SFA.  We may also run a release offer on them too.

Comments welcome and enjoy!



  1. Replies
    1. Soon, Soon...calm down. I would tell you there are more SFA packs coming after it but that would be cruel right now :-)


  2. Looks like a nice reinforcement to my SFA forces could be coming up.

    1. Thanks Dave. These and more. Working on them right now!