Tuesday 19 November 2013

Concepting in Snow for Christmas 2014

Quick posting on what is coming that is unique and special to this festive season on 15mm.co.uk.  The concept sketches you can see in the rough here gives more than a clue. Its....evil snowmen!

These will be coming real soon and will be shown here on the blog but for the moment I will answer the question of why.  Why make 15mm snowmen at all whether evil or benign?

Well for several reasons.  Firstly 15mm.co.uk has had more than two hundred requests for killer snowmen since 2010 and that is enough to consider any subject for sculpting.  Secondly I wanted something rather different than the endless 'cookie cutter' releases and kickstarters that are all over the globe just now. Something fun that could be used in many settings and systems so Snowmen fitted that.  Thirdly I am always having ideas and one that I had back in the summer of this year fitted this concept.  A range that is festive only.  That is a range beginning with one or two codes that would only be available for a limited time each year when they made sense to wargamers.  Snowmen at Christmas that vanished in January to return in late November with more miniatures to join them.

After all 15mm.co.uk does a lot of original things, USEME, SHM to name but two.   I want a candy cane button on my work shirt for this one too.

Sam Croes took some time out of his schedule and agreed to do the design work for this. More details upon release...wait until you see these little blighters!  Maybe even a USEME scenario for them too.


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