Wednesday 25 March 2015

YanDrassi Kickstarter Now Shipped!

Big News and Congratulations to Eli Arndt as his second successful Kickstarter as Loud Ninja Games has now been shipped! Following up on the release of the Ikwen its been a busy time for LNG.

All packages for all backers have now been sent out world wide by our staff at We would put estimations upon package deliveries at the end of this week in the UK and across next week for Europe and North America with the rest of the world being a week or so later than that. 

After discussions with Loud Ninja Games, ourselves and feedback from backers of the Kickstarter the decision was taken to re-structure the YanDrassi miniatures into new codes and place them into the expanding RAP structure. As a result the list below shows you what to expect upon general release. Eight codes plus five force builder packs each giving roughly a whole platoon with a 5% saving off list prices for single codes. 

RAP019 Neek Squad (5 Miniatures) 2.00GBP 
RAP020 Tavshar Squad (4 Miniatures) 2.00GBP 
RAP021 Horogosi Squad (5 Miniatures) 5.00GBP 
RAP022 Tavshar Gun Skimmer Set (1 Kit and Dismounted Rider) 3.00GBP 
RAP023 Tavshar Officers (2 Miniatures) 1.00GBP 
RAP024 Tavshar Prime (1 Miniature) 1.00GBP 
RAP025 Horgosi Prime (1 Miniature) 2.00GBP 
RAP026 Horgosi Beserker (1 Miniature) 2.00GBP 

RAP024P YanDrassi Mixed Force Builder 
(1xRAP024, 1xRAP023, 1xRAP021, 2xRAP020, 2xRAP019) (26 Miniatures) -5% = 14.25GBP 
RAP019P Neek Force Builder 
(1x RAP023, 5xRAP019) (27 Miniatures) -5% = 10.45GBP 
RAP020P Tavshar Force Builder 
(1xRAP023, 5xRAP020) (22 Miniatures) -5% = 10.45GBP 
RAP022P Tavshar Gun Skimmer Squadron 
(3xRAP020) (3 Kits, 3 Dismounted Riders) -5% = 8.55GBP 
RAP021P Horgosi Force Builder 
(1xRAP025,1xRAP026, 3xRAP021) (17 Miniatures) -5% = 18.05GBP 

Release of the YanDrassi code and Force Builder packs into the Loud Ninja Games page of will be in early May 2015. More on this nearer the time. 

Thanks for Reading. 

Gavin Syme


  1. With so many kickstarters going haywire, it's nice to see someone set it up, plan, execute and just nail it :-)

    Good work to the folks at Ninja

    1. Thanks Ivan. Eli is very thankful to all of us here at for our dedication and professional attitude. This KS was planned, funded, delivered all to plan. Nailed it as you said.


  2. Yes, it was definitely a partnership. From the initial plan to the use of a sculptor that was willing to work early in the project and who delivered quickly all the way on to Gavin and crew who worked hard to make sure we came as close to our mark as possible.

    Thanks to everyone, including the backers, who made this possible. And a foward-looking thank you to all our future retail customers who seek to bring the Yan'drassi to their tables.